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How did I get interested in writing?

How did I get interested in writing?

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·Sep 17, 2021·

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How I got interested in writing and why I chose to pursue this

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This question is a common one which is usually asked by the ones who are thinking of becoming a writer in the future. There are many many different paths to becoming a writer, being an author by writing fiction and non-fiction books, a journalist writing for magazines and newspapers, and a screenwriter who writes scripts for movies, television shows, and newspapers.

I can't claim to have any of the above, but my path has been inspired by articles that I've read on Hash node. I read many articles from many people over time and they were all speaking to my experience - "If they can, I can."

Why I decided to write and the writing style that suits me

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I had always wanted to write, but I had never felt like I did it well. It was not until last year that I decided to participate in Hashnode Writing Bootcamp, and I loved it. There were plenty of takeaways from amazing and experienced writers that helped me get past my writer's block. I even managed to publish my first article and then got busy coding away but here I am taking a stab at it again.

I am not a fast writer by any stretch of the imagination so it made sense to me when the presenters in this workshop said that we would be taking our time with the process of taking notes, jotting down ideas, creating outlines, and not feel pressured to write quickly.

I love writing in freestyle because it allows me to keep a casual tone and be creative when needed (when I can) in my work and explore new topics!

How writing can influence your life

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Although it may appear at first that writers, journalists, or keynote speakers stand to benefit the most from writing, this could not be further from the truth. Every one of us can benefit from developing and honing our writing skills, even if it's just the simple practice of keeping a journal.

Writing can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and personal growth. It helps you to work through thoughts and emotions, express them to others or just let it all out. It has an impact on the way you feel about yourself and your life. It can help you discover new possibilities, ideas, and perspectives. It can help you to meet people who share your interests and it can help you find your purpose too. If you haven't already, join this workshop - Hashnode Bootcamp, to learn how to write about what you know best- yourself.

Writing Can Influence Your Life or Your Life Can Influence Your Writing

I didn’t know this but writing even activates a number of different cognitive processes, and unleashes your creativity. It showed up as the top result in google search (and yes I googled it 😝)

It is a powerful, creative process that not only activates a wide range of cognitive processes in the brain but also helps release creative energy. The focus and attention needed to write stimulate the areas of the brain that are responsible for deep thinking, problem-solving, and analysis. And when we write about things we care about, it taps into our emotional intelligence and helps us understand ourselves better.

All of this will keep your brain sharp and active, and it can even act as a preventative measure against some mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer's or dementia.


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This post is meant as a springboard for you to get started writing, whether it’s about your life, your family, or your favorite topic. It may also help someone else. Writing and publishing are not easy, but it is something you can do with practice. Maybe you will become a successful writer, maybe you won’t. For now, though, you’ll have fun exploring the possibilities of the story and the possibilities of yourself. Who knows what you might learn along the way?

I’ve learned so much from writing since I started and with all the advice and information I’ve received from my friends in the writing community on a regular basis, is completely enriching. Personal fulfillment. In the time I’ve been writing, I’ve really enjoyed the process. It feels like an accomplishment to see something completed and published. The actual writing has brought me such joy, I’m finding myself wanting to write more.

Maybe you’re someone who has always wanted to write, but you’ve never actually written anything. You aspire to become an author, but you haven’t yet taken the plunge. Getting started is the most important part. There is magic in just getting the wheels moving. Ideas are worth nothing until they’re turned into action. You must turn your thoughts into words.

What's Next for Me as a Writer?

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I'll keep reading and writing. The beauty of reading is that you don't even realize how many benefits you're getting from it. Subconsciously, you notice sentence structures, grammar, and word choices used by the authors throughout the text. When you start writing, anything out of the ordinary will feel like an Itch in your head, triggered by the subconscious library of information you've accumulated from reading.

I'm just getting started so keep an eye out for more, rest assured. Peace 🙂

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